Reduce SAP Consulting Costs

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ERPWeb.NET Reduce SAP Consulting Costs

About ERPWeb.NET

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ERPWeb.NET helps companies to reduce SAP Consulting Costs by providing direct access to SAP Platinum Consultants. Driving down the total cost of the Information Technology operations to increase profits is the main objective of SAP Customers.

Core Expertise is SAP – The focus of ERPWeb.NET is SAP. ERPWeb.NET has a more than ten years experience delivering SAP professionals world-wide. ERPWeb.NET knows the talent needs in the marketplace. We match the requirement with the right SAP resource.

Low Flat Fee SAP Recruitment – Our model is a blend of SAP knowledge and technology that offers a low cost SAP recruiting.

When you hire an SAP Consultant with ERPWeb.NET, you only pay ERPWeb.NET a 10% Markup on top of the rate paid to the SAP Consultant.

ERPWeb.NET delivers Platinum Level SAP Consultants.

Clients hire ERPWeb.NET for additional project 97% of the time.

SAP Consultants continue to work with ERPWeb.NET 95% of the time.

SAP Consultants are guaranteed payment for the time worked.

ERPWeb.NET lowers the costs of SAP Consulting without the risks of remote consulting, off shoring or outsourcing. The client and consultant are in control. The benefits are:

  • Flexibility
  • Lower the total cost of ownership
  • Reduce consulting costs






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